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Tackling Corn Stalk Field Demonstration Participants

The Tackling Corn Stalks Field Demonstration at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show will demonstrate various pieces of tillage equipment and techniques to achieve a 50 per cent fall ground cover. This demo will feature tillage equipment from different manufacturers displaying how they manage corn stalks. The equipment brands and tillage techniques will be discussed and displayed in the field for farmers to understand which piece of equipment will work best on their farm. The Tackling Corn Stalks Demonstration will take place daily at 12:30 p.m. in the Southwest Demo Field during COFS.

Terra Disc 6001T, Pöettinger | 208, Second Lane South

The Terra disc compact disc harrow is designed for stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation, ensuring reliable penetration and excellent mixing in of harvest residues. The disk features a twin arm setup, adjustable outer disks, generous inter-disk clearance, convenient operation, heavy duty frame, a practical drawbar, rugged transport chassis, tandem conoroll roller and folding compact disc harrows.

CROSSLAND 4600, Gregoire-Besson Canada Inc. | 537, Fifth Lane North Middle

The Crossland 4600 will fracture the complete soil profile, eliminating subsurface berms left by other rippers for better root penetration and access to nutrients. This is a versatile tool for fall and springtime cultivation, as well as a onepass action to seed cover crops or wheat at high speed. CR650, Väderstad | 527, Fifth Lane South Middle Carrier is a disc cultivator used for high speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation, suitable for ultra-shallow cultivation to a deeper incorporation. The versatility it brings to the farm saves passes, decreases machine cost per hectare and provides the best start possible for the coming crop. Because of its disc shape and high quality Swedish steel, CrossCutter Disc provides full cut-out and intensive mixing at shallow working depth. The CrossCutter Disc is individually mounted to its own rubber suspended disc arm it has a great ability to follow the ground contour, thus ensuring very even results. You benefit from high precision without compromises.

Rubin 12/400 KUA, LEMKEN Canada Inc. | 219, Second Lane South Middle

The Rubin 12 is designed in particular for the incorporation of large amounts of crop residues. Various rollers from the wide range of LEMKEN rollers offer optimal crumbling, reconsolidation and leveling, as well as precise depth control for different soil and working conditions.

Sunflower Rotary finisher SF6830, AGCO Corporation | 101, First Lane South

The SF6830 is specifically designed for high speed, high residue flow capabilities, unattainable with traditional shank equipped finishers and cultivators. It produces a smooth level seedbed, not always obtained by today’s vertical tillage tools. The SF6830 Series is a new concept in seedbed preparation as the tool is completely void of sweeps and combines four types of rolling ground engaging tools into a three step process: spherical disc blades and reels, wavy coulters, and the Sunflower exclusive “Rolling Spider Tines.”

He Va 5.5 M Disc Roller Contour, Walco Equipment | 423, Fourth Lane South Middle

The 5.5 metre wide He Va Disc Roller Contour features equal weight transfer throughout the working width and specially designed discs that enhance surface stubble preparation through Depth Synchronized Disc Aggressiveness. The rollers have a scraper in between them to prevent build up of material in them, also there is an adjustable material damper guard to prevent material from moving over the rollers at high speeds or loose soil conditions. The He Va Disc Roller Contour comes with an adjustable edging disc to retain soil on the right side.

Kongskilde 9220, New Holland Dealers of Ontario | 736, Seventh Lane North Middle

This vertical tillage system will penetrate the hardest, driest soils. Cut through trash in one pass, for both spring and fall work thanks to a five-way adjustable gang angle. It features industry’s most robust framework to ensure penetration even in the toughest residue and excels in both spring and fall use. The tillage system comes in three new narrow frame sizes and three standard frame sizes.

John Deere 2730 Combination Ripper, John Deere Dealers of Ontario | 1016 Lower Machinery Mall

Nowhere on earth can you find a disk ripper that does all this: size and manage residue, penetrate and shatter the compaction layer, bury and mix residue, and help level the soil profile, all in just one pass. The 2720 Disk Ripper is the ideal primary tool for low, medium, and high-level residue crops. It can leave as much as 30 to 45 per cent cover on the surface. It sizes residue well to flow through your spring tillage tools, or you can use it as effective one-pass tillage right after harvest.

AMAZONE CATROS, Farm-Fleet Inc. |132, First Lane South Middle

The Amazone Catros is strong, yet light for easy pulling and low fuel consumption. Cutting discs with a maintenance free bearing operate on a single arm, providing a land-following disc. The rows of discs are angled precisely at 17 and 14 degrees for intensive mixing while still re-depositing the soil ahead of the second row and rollers to ensure their proper operations. Large machines are self-levelling through the rollers and guide wheel in front of the disc rows ensuring everything is cutting at the correct angle.

Degelman Pro-Till, Degelman Industries | 1018 Lower Machinery Mall

The fast and versatile Pro-Till is designed to shred heavy fall residue, open up spring fields, level ruts, destroy clods and produce an absolutely perfect seed bed. The Pro-Till shreds residue at speeds over 10 m.p.h. while ensuring uniform distribution of residue, critical for no-till rotations. Problems such as poor residue distribution, uneven emergence, delayed emergence, hair pinning, erosion and seeder/planter plugging are eliminated with the Pro-Till.

Horsch RT-Joker, Kearney Planters | 364, Third Lane North

The Horsch RT-Joker is an extremely aggressive shallow tillage tool, which is excellent in seed bed preparation. It’s a very versatile tool, also capable of light primary tillage needs, such as cereal and corn residue management. It features disk assemblies that use a rubber torsion system, exceptional depth control with the Roll Flex packer system and spring steel tongues for a nice finish.

5220 ENFORCER, Salford Group | 228, Second Lane South Middle

The patented 5200 ENFORCER carries four rows of independently mounted concave blades on 20 inch spacing. This high clearance, anti-skew unit runs without plugging, and stays centered on hillsides and in adverse conditions. The 5200 is built for high speeds, with optimal operating speeds within the 7-10 m.p.h. range, and allows producers to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Landoll 7530-26, Landoll Corporation | 739, Seventh Lane North Middle

The all new Landoll 7500 Series VT Plus with adjustable gangs allows the operator to change the angle of the disc gangs anywhere between 5 and 15 degrees on the go from the comfort of the tractor cab. This machine can handle varying types of residue and create the field finish required. It’s a user-friendly and simple versatile vertical tillage unit, built tough to perform for years to come.

DUCAT-6, Lozova Machinery | 659, Sixth Lane North

DUCAT compact disc harrows are highlyefficient implements, well suited to stubble cultivation. It provides intensive mixing of the soil and vegetation at depths of 3 to 14 cm. The design provides precise depth control and good levelling. Application of the different following systems with uniform distribution of loads on the working tools allows efficient operation on fields with complex contours.

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