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Seed and Crop Protection Guide

The unique outdoor setting of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show provides an opportunity for seed and crop protection exhibitors to showcase their products in action. Like crops on the farm, these crop plots are planted in the spring and tended throughout the growing season. Farmers can see different varieties and hybrids of multiple crops at the show, and company experts will be on hand to discuss their products.

The crop demonstrations can be found along 1st Lane and North Mall, as well as on 6th Lane South. Here is a preview of what to expect at the plots this year.

Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association/Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA), along with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), will exhibit a number of test plots again in 2019.

OMAFRA will be demonstrating 15 oil and protein crops grown in Ontario. These will include different edible bean classes to demonstrate the wide range of field crop opportunities available to Ontario growers.

Strip tillage will be demonstrated along with the benefits of cover crops when used in conjunction with strip tillage.

Because spring 2019 was challenging for many growers, annual forage crops will be demonstrated to discuss the best mixes of summer seeded annual forages. A variety of cover crop options will also be on display to demonstrate the advantages of different species.

OSCIA and OMAFRA representatives will be on hand to answer any questions attendees might have about emerging crops such as hemp.


PRIDE Seeds will be showcasing their lineup of corn hybrids and select soybean varieties. Included in the showcase will be new experimental products featuring new genetics and new technology traits. For corn, two planting dates were used in an attempt to mimic the delayed planting season. A range of maturities were planted at both times to help demonstrate how the crop can adapt to the season, and hands-on discussion sessions will be hosted throughout the days of the farm show.

Check out the full line-up of Maizex corn hybrids and Elite soybean varieties at their crop plot, including new entrants for the 2020 planting season. Examine the silage hybrids that feature big tonnage, big digestibility and big energy for better feed conversion. If farmers are considering the organic or nonGMO corn market, they should be sure to visit Maizex’s outstanding display of conventional hybrids.  Maizex’s soybean plots will feature New Xtend® and New Enlist® varieties. Agronomy plots exploring higher-yielding trends in soybeans and evaluating DON risk in corn will be a place for some great discussions.

Winfield United

For 2019, CROPLAN® by Winfield United will have live demo plots available for viewing at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

Observe new CROPLAN corn hybrids such as 2965VT2P, 4203SS and 4676SS, in addition to existing hybrid options. Discuss with WinField® United crop specialists why zinc-treated corn seed is so important. View new soybean varieties such as RX1088, RX1518, RX1818, RX2019 and CP3219RX featuring the Roundup Xtend® system.

WinField United specialists will use live demonstrations to showcase how adjuvant products InterLock® and Dialed-In™ work. These adjuvants are drift and deposition agents that improve spray pattern and reduce drift to help optimize pesticide applications. Dialed-In™ has been designed to be used with ultra- and extra-coarse nozzles such as TeeJet® TTI.

HarvXtra® alfalfa will also be available to view in demo plots. This new alfalfa technology features a much lower lignin content which either allows higher nutrition or allows a wider window for harvest, increasing yield potential and stand longevity. This new alfalfa is also stacked with Roundup Ready® technology for improved weed control and crop safety.

Winfield United specialists will also be available to discuss plant nutrition products featuring proprietary MAX-IN™ technology.

DLF Pickseed

DLF is a global market leader in the research, development, production and distribution of turfgrass and forage crop seed. DLF Pickseed research stations in Ontario are home to over 4,000 forage plots.

The DLF exhibit at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show will showcase HarvXtra® Alfalfa, the most advanced alfalfa trait on the market and the first genetically engineered alfalfa trait developed to maximize forage quality by reducing the amount of lignin in the plant.

DLF has also included their industry leading conventional alfalfa varieties and forage grasses. If farmers are interested in learning more about DLF’s recent forage advancements, visit their plot to discuss their global research program, drought tolerant Timothy, the Festulolium advantage and very late maturing orchardgrass.

While farmers are there, they will want to be sure to tour through the hybrid corn demonstration plot that highlights the Roundup Ready®, VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® and SmartStax® RIB Complete® portfolio from 2600-3100CHU. DLF selects only the best hybrids based on reliability, consistency and performance.


ALPINE’s demonstration plot this year will profile their leading liquid starter fertilizer products and some new approaches for their application in high-yield environments utilizing the principles of 4R fertility practices in corn. The ALPINE soybean demonstration highlights ALPINE’s top-quality foliar nutrition products that enable soybeans to reach their maximum yield potential.

Country Farm Seeds

Country Farm Seeds will be showcasing corn, silage and soybean portfolios, featuring conventional, Roundup Ready, VT2P and SmartStax corn along with the Xtend soybeans.

Both new and already existing key varieties will be on display.

They will also be running their annual Ronald McDonald House Donations with all proceeds going to the charity.

Corteva Agriscience™

Stop by the Corteva Agriscience site to view Brevant™ seed products including the new lineup of grain corn hybrids with Optimum® AcreMax® and AcreMax® Xtreme traits, along with Brevant’s offering of Enlist E3™ soybeans.

The AcreMax® family of products bring multiple modes of action for insect protection to help increase overall farm yields by reducing refuge and extending the durability of these important Bt traits.

The Enlist™ weed control system is comprised of both Enlist E3™ soybeans and Enlist Duo™ herbicide. Enlist E3 soybeans provide advanced seed with the highest yield potential and a robust herbicide tolerance. Pair them with Enlist Duo for a better low drift, near-zero volatility solution for control of your toughest weeds.

Be sure to stop by and view the Evolution of Technologies soybean plot to see soybeans that will be available for 2020 planting.

Pioneer Hi-Bred, Horizon Seeds, Stoller and the University of Guelph will also have demonstration plots.

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