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Recirculating Booms Featured in 2019 Sprayer Demonstration

The sprayer demonstration at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this year will give attendees the opportunity to learn about recirculating boom sprayers. Dr. Jason Deveau from OMAFRA and Dr. Tom Wolf from Arimetrix Research and Training will speak to attendees about the benefits of this feature, and how farmers can use it to increase productivity.

In a recirculating boom sprayer system, the spray mixture enters at one end of the boom, exits at the other end, and returns to the spray tank. Systems can either be operated by a return line that turns on and off to circulate the spray mixture, or with a three-way valve.

Recirculating booms facilitate boom cleanout, save spray mix during priming, reduce water usage during rinsing and reduce nozzle plugs by repeated spray mix filtration. A secondary advantage is better sectional control and faster nozzle reaction time.

“We will be demonstrating the merits of the RoGator Liquid Logic recirculating system found on their C-series sprayer,” explains Dr. Deveau. “We will also have access to the Pattison Liquid System’s prototype Connect sprayer, which also features a recirculating boom and is intended to link with the Dot autonomous platform.”

Farmers will have the opportunity to listen and learn about recirculating booms, watch the system demonstrating in the field, and talk with professionals and ask questions.

This demonstration will be taking place at 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the West Demo Field.

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