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Ontario, Canada and North American Launch Alerts

In addition to programming like field demonstrations, FCC Livestock Central and the new Farmers Edge Knowledge Tent, the 2018 edition of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show will feature a number of new products from the agricultural companies who take part in the show. Here are just a few of the new products and services you can expect to see!

  • 880 Crown & Chassis Extreme from Texas Refinery Corp of Canada, a new, fully synthetic grease that eliminates the need to stock multiple grades of grease throughout the year
  • Ontario launch of ProAG 12SR PLUS Stacker, ProAG Engineered by Morris, a versatile piece of equipment that picks and stacks all sizes of large square bales as well as the small square bales that are packaged in a “Bundled Bale.”
  • Canadian launches from Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont • Lumisena™ fungicide seed treatment is a new class of chemistry for improved above and below ground disease control in soybeans. • Lumiderm® insecticide seed treatment is a new mode of action for early season insect protection in soybeans
  • Canadian launches from DeLaval • The DeLaval VMS V300 is the latest voluntary milking system from DeLaval. With a dedicated ICAR approved milk meter for each teat, VMS V300 has taken milking to a new level, delivering incredible gains for animal welfare and productivity • DeLaval DelPro™ Companion is a new mobile app that puts full herd management capabilities at your fingertips • OptiDuo is the latest feeding solution from DeLaval
  • North American launch of Steqcan QuickAttach System for Compact Loaders from Steqcan Inc.
  •  North American Launches from Gallagher North America of Touch Screen Scales and S200 & S400 Solar Energizers, the largest solar panels on the market

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