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Mecalac Brings Swing Loader Demonstration

For more than 40 years, Mecalac has been designing, manufacturing and selling construction machines.

A specialized line of innovative compact equipment was designed for small construction sites, and is especially suitable for agricultural applications. This line equipment includes swing loaders, telescopic loaders and excavators. The company aims to produce products with flexibility, good performance, speed and process innovation.

Mecalac will be featuring demonstrations of swing loaders throughout each day at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The demonstration will display how the swing loader can turn 180 degrees for easy maneuvering, stability and safety.

“Mecalac has a very versatile line of equipment that enables the farmer to work in tight areas, due to the product’s small turning radius and swing loader,” says Sylvain Leger, Business Developer Agricultural and Commercial for the company.

Developed and manufactured in France, Mecalac established a presence in the United States in 2016. Since then, their distribution network in the United States has expanded and Mecalac moved into the Canadian market two years ago. Mecalac products are now sold by three distributors who now handle the promotion, sales and marketing of Mecalac construction machinery to the agricultural market.

Visit Mecalac at booth SM-1022 at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. 

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