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Keeping Farmers “Fit to Farm”

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier than you think — even for farmers

Kathlyn Hossack, a Certified Athletic Therapist and Kinesiologist and “Fit to Farm” writer for Grainews Magazine, joins the speaking line up in the new Farmers Edge Knowledge Tent, presented by Farmtario and Country Guide at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

Bringing a wealth of expertise to the stage, Kathlyn will explain that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier than you think, and that aches and pains do not need to be a normal part of the farm lifestyle. She will teach how to integrate daily movement and healthy habits into life on the farm to help prevent and manage pain, dysfunction, and injuries.

This presentation will focus on issues such as chronic low back pain, chronic diseases like heart conditions, diabetes, and the cost of preventable chronic disease, plus stress management through lifestyle change.

“These topics have a weighted importance in our society today,” says Kathlyn, “and I believe that farmers shouldn’t be left out of the conversation around changing the culture we live in when it comes to health and movement”.

Kathlyn hails from Manitoba, where she owns and operates Integrative Movement, a multidisciplinary practice, as well as RideWell Performance — a therapy and training practice dedicated to equestrian athletes. She writes a regular column in Grainews called “Fit to Farm”, where she shares her expertise about how farmers can avoid injury while working.

She is passionate about helping farmers recover from injury and repetitive strains and manage chronic pain that has arisen from the job. She utilizes her column to inform farmers on precautions they can be taking while working and exercises they can do to help chronic pain. She also answers email questions from farmers across the prairies. If farmers need direct help, she offers hands-on treatments, sets up training programs, or refers them to an athletic therapist in their area.

Listen to Kathlyn speak on how to stay ‘Fit to Farm’ in the Farmers Edge Knowledge Tent, presented by Farmtario and Country Guide at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2018.

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