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Introducing the Innovations Showcase

The agriculture industry is both a driver and an adopter of technology — using both to improve production practices to make them more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more profitable. Increasing time and resource efficiency, decreasing inputs and environmental impact due to improved information, and improving animal welfare can all add to any operation’s bottom line, usually thanks to technology like genetic engineering, GPS mapping, robotics, automation, and more. These have made significant impacts on farming methods and inputs in the past 30 years, with advances made annually.

Many — if not all — of these innovations have been featured at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS), with some even making their national or global debut. COFS is undoubtedly the place to see new launches and cutting edge technology.

This year, COFS introduces a new program to make it easy for farmers to hit over 20 companies debuting a new product or service. These products and services span from equipment, to livestock, from crops to agribusiness, but they have three things in common. They must be new, relevant to farmers, and be truly innovative. The Innovations Showcase will highlight the best and brightest in new technology in the agriculture industry.

More exhibitors and features will be added to the Innovations Showcase leading up to the show. For more information on any of the current features, visit them at their exhibit during COFS.














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