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Grober Young Animal Development Centre — Now 10 Years Strong

Grober Nutrition is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their research facility at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

The year was 2008. The plan was to open a research facility, but not just any research facility. They wanted a location accessible to everyone to showcase feeding programs and housing systems, highlight the health and growth of young animals, allow for partnered research with universities, have a place to test world-leading innovations, to work closely with nutrition partners, and to provide livestock producers the chance to see the practical applications right before their very eyes. Have they succeeded? You bet they have. Is the partnership with Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show a catalyst in the Grober Young Animal Development Centre’s success? You bet it is.

Grober Nutrition had the unique opportunity to partner up with Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) to fulfill their plan of building the Grober Young Animal Development Centre (GYADC) on the show grounds. This partnership complimented the already existing relationship Grober had with COFS and has expanded their 40+ years as young animal specialists.

“If you had the opportunity to visit our research centre when it opened 10 years ago you’d agree that the place has evolved, just as the agricultural industry has evolved,” says Michelle Adams, Marketing & Customer Service Manager, Grober Nutrition. “We started with a clean slate and plans for trials with calves, lambs, and kid-goats were developed. Using our 40+ years of experience working with livestock and livestock producers we molded our work around providing answers and solutions. From there we plotted the GYADC layout and our first group of calves moved in.”

Over the years the GYADC conducted research with kid-goats, lambs, and calves in group and individual housing. In addition, during these research trials they worked with the latest in young animal raising technology. Each year the GYADC morphed into a classroom. Grober has hosted workshops, training sessions, calf conferences, 4-H groups, customer tours, and the list goes on. It’s fair to say Grober Nutrition is more than young animal nutrition, they also feature management styles for livestock to achieve their top performance.

This year, join Grober at the GYADC to have an up-close look at equipment and learn about the newest nutritional technology in Grober’s milk replacer. They are opening up the GYADC doors for everyone to celebrate their 10th Anniversary of being “More Than Just Milk Replacer.”

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