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Grober Nutrition Offering First-Hand Technical Research

Livestock feeding and housing trials in the Grober Young Animal Development Centre

Here we GRO again!!! By popular demand, for the ninth year at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, the Grober Young Animal Development Centre (GYADC) continues to be a favourite stop for guests looking for the latest in young animal raising technology and research. This year, the GYADC will feature kid-goats, calves, the ECO Lamb/Kid Automatic Feeder, plus the Vario and Calf Rail by Förster Technik. Grober Nutrition showcases more than young animal nutrition, they feature calf management styles for livestock to achieve their top performance.

“We’re excited to open the doors of the research centre to this year’s farm show guests. Our barn layout has been fine-tuned at the GYADC to enhance our research trials and provide the visual producers are looking for,” says Michelle Adams, Marketing & Customer Service Manager, Grober Nutrition. “This year’s research trials have allowed Grober to test new products, refine management recommendations and experiment with innovations in feeding and housing technology.”

During the show, Grober will exhibit kid-goats fed and successfully weaned with the ECO Automatic feeder. In addition, guests will see calves in group and individual housing as part of the feeding program trials. “By showtime, we will have housed 100 calves and 40 kid-goats from trials conducted this summer.”

“We’re excited to open the doors of the research centre to this year’s farm show guests. Our barn layout has been fine-tuned at the Grober Young Animal Development Centre to enhance our research trials and provide the visual producers are looking for.”

Attendees will be able to see both the ECO Lamb/Kid Automatic Feeder and the Calf Rail in action during the show. The ECO Lamb/Kid Automatic Feeder will be featured in the kid housing area, where guests can see what features this technology has to offer and how it can improve on-farm operations by providing a consistent source of milk replacer to groups as large as 160 lambs or kids.

The Förster-Technik Calf Rail will be operating throughout the day feeding individually housed calves. Guests can watch the equipment in action to get a better understanding of what this new technology can offer during a live presentation and Q & A session.

Providing the demonstrations and trials allows producers to have an upclose look at equipment in use and the leading technology in Grober’s milk replacer. The trial data also provides a firsthand glimpse at Grober’s proven research success and rearing results.

“Our goal is to research on-farm improvements with feeding programs and housing set-ups for those raising young stock in dairy, veal, beef, sheep and kid-goat operations,” says Adams. “And this year we’ve done just that.”

The GYADC will be open during the duration of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, and is located in FCC Livestock Central on Masonville Lane beside the Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre.

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