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Grober Nutrition — More Than Just Milk Replacer

Grober Young Animal Development Centre showcases their exclusive abilities in production

For over a decade Grober Nutrition has conducted trials on feed, nutrition, housing and husbandry for calves, lambs and kid goats on the show site of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show each year. They’ve kicked off this spring by moving in a lively group of calves and lambs into the Grober Young Animal Development Centre (GYADC) in Woodstock, Ontario.

A sneak peek into this year’s trials reveal six calf groups and four lamb groups being fed milk replacer on automatic feeders. The trial focus consists of components around fatty acid profiles, energy sources, and technical enhancements.

“Our trial focus this year is truly novel and cutting edge, utilizing both production technologies and nutritional concepts,” says Amanda Kerr, Senior Nutritionist, Grober Nutrition. “We welcome all to join us during the show to learn about this year’s trials and how we’re making a milk replacer to surpass the growth needs of young livestock and exceed the expectations producers have.”

Grober Nutrition has been a milk replacer manufacturer in Canada for over 45 years and they continue to move their expertise forward. Grober’s most recent technological development is their capability to produce their very own energy source of Protein Encapsulated Fat, a unique proficiency in Canada that is exclusive to Grober. With the launch of this new Grober product, they have capitalized on a fat energy source by formulating it into their own milk replacer production. This year Grober is showcasing this product at the GYADC through their 2019 summer trial work, which will be highlighted during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

“We are the first and only milk replacer manufacturer in Canada with the ability to produce their very own Protein Encapsulated Fat. We know the consistency, we supply the quality and our trial data will provide a firsthand glimpse at Grober’s proven success to manufacture an invaluable energy source critical to young animal growth and development,” says Heather Copland, General Manager, Grober Nutrition.

Along with the feed trial results, attendees who visit the GYADC will be able to view the ECO Lamb/Kid Automatic Feeder and the Förster-Technik Vario Calf Feeder and Calf Rail. The ECO Lamb/Kid Automatic Feeder will be featured in the lamb housing area, where guests can see what features this technology has to offer and how it can improve on-farm operations by providing a consistent source of milk replacer to groups as large as 160 lambs or kids. The Vario Calf Feeder and Calf Rail will be operational for guests to view the technology in action and have auto feeder questions answered.

As always, Grober Nutrition is a great supporter of the Canadian dairy industry. This year, Grober has partnered with a local processor who is using Ontario dairy products to create tasty gelato. Be sure to stop by the GYADC for a complimentary summer treat.

The GYADC is located on Masonville Lane and is open throughout the duration of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

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