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Fertilizer Spreader Demo

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show announces the new Fertilizer Spreader Demo this year as part of its extensive, ongoing list of field demonstrations. Other demos in this year’s line-up include the Tillage of Cover Crops Demo and Evolution of Farming Demo, presented by Dot Technology Corp. and Corteva Agricience™.

“Demonstrating fertilizer spreaders this year is a first at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show,” says Patrick Lynch, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Field Demonstration Advisor. “Demonstration topics are decided through conversations with both farmers and equipment companies at tradeshows and meetings all winter. This year we were hearing that it was time to showcase fertilizer spreaders.”

Many farmers are starting to do work that was previously done by retail operators, explains Lynch, and this includes spraying and spreading fertilizer. This makes it easier for them to program the machine to the way they need it.

“When farmers own their own spreader, they can calibrate it to spread fertilizer the way they want it spread,” Lynch says.

There are many different spreaders, specs and new technologies that will be on display during the demonstration.

“The fertilizer spreaders could be demonstrating variable rate capacities, spinner or air flow types of delivery, or different options to track what was spread where,” says Lynch. “The current crop of fertilizer spreaders all demonstrate some of the new technologies that are present.”

There will be variable rate spreaders, air flow spreaders and precision spinner spreaders on hand for attendees to see in action. This method of showing the machine capabilities firsthand and side by side helps farmers decide which machine works best for them and their farm.

Lynch likens the field demonstrations to seeing a sports player off the field, and then seeing the same person playing the sport. “I prefer seeing it in the field,” he says. “I like to see which company has the most farmers around their equipment.”

The Fertilizer Spreader Demo will take place daily at 1:30 p.m. in the Southwest Demo Field.

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