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Exploring the Potential of Electrostatic Spraying

The Electrostatic Spraying demonstration at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show will give farmers the opportunity to learn about the benefits of electrostatic spraying, and see the practice in action in the field. OMAFRA specialists Dr. Jason Deveau, Application Technology Specialist and Dennis Van Dyk, Vegetable Crop Specialist will be introducing this concept to participants and will be available to answer questions from farmers.

“Electrostatic Sprayer proponents have long claimed improved coverage, reduced drift and reduced water volumes compared to conventional methods,” says Dr. Jason Deveau. “The sprayer uses an air shear nozzle to create very fine spray quality and then creates an electric charge on those droplets to attract them to plant tissue.”

During this demonstration, MS Gregson’s Ecostatik will be put through its paces by comparing the spraying coverage with and without an electrostatic charge. The demonstration will take place in a dense soybean canopy using water sensitive paper and a visual dye to indicate panoramic coverage on stems and underleaf coverage. Both targets are notoriously difficult to hit. Participants will have access to the sprayer and a representative from MS Gregson will be on hand to answer any questions. This demonstration will be taking place at 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the West Demo Field.

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