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DLF Pickseed’s New Plot

Longtime exhibitor DLF Pickseed returns to the show this year with a new site and crop plot.

“While DLF Pickseed Canada has been participating at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show for many years, we are excited to increase our presence with a move to a new site west of Gate 7 on the 11th line that will allow us to better showcase our extensive portfolio of products,” says Jon Gough, Vice President Eastern Canada Sales. “This move will help DLF Pickseed Canada raise awareness of our corporate brand and the full range of forage, cover crop and corn products which add value and can help maximize return on investment of producers across Eastern Canada.”

DLF Pickseed research stations in Ontario are home to over 4,000 forage plots. The new crop plot at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, located just across the road from the show site in Woodstock, will feature DLF Pickseed’s industry leading conventional alfalfa varieties, drought tolerant timothy, the festulolium advantage, very late maturing timothy and hybrid corn demonstration plot with varieties selected based on reliability, consistency and product performance.

“Our exhibit at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this year will showcase HarvXtra® Alfalfa; the most advanced alfalfa trait on the market and the first genetically engineered alfalfa trait developed to maximize forage quality by reducing the amount of lignin in the plant,” says Matt Anderson, Manager of Product Development.

Are you interested in learning more about DLF’s recent forage, corn and cover crop advancements? Visit the DLF Pickseed Canada booth to discuss their global research program.

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