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DeLaval Launches the Voluntary Milking System VMS™ V300

The all-new Voluntary Milking System VMS™ V300 helps farmers by making them less reliant on future labour market uncertainties and keeping them at the forefront of animal welfare, food safety and work efficiency and farm profitability. It contributes to the sustainability of dairy farming both today and into the future.

The VMS V300 allows us to treat each farm, farmer, cow, even each teat — individually — and to customize the process to meet each individual’s needs, to create a better place for workers, cows, your families and you.

With a 10 per cent higher capacity, up to 50 per cent faster attachment time, up to 99.8 per cent attachment rate, up to 99 per cent teat spray hit rate, real quarter milking, lower running cost than earlier systems and with a potential of up to 3,500 kilograms of milk per day, the DeLaval VMS V300 is setting an all new industry performance standard*. It milks each cow according to her individual needs, so that the herd can reach its full potential.

The VMS V300 system harnesses and applies technologies that weren’t previously available, to do things that were never before possible. DeLaval InControl™, the new user interface allows access to information and control of the system remotely. DeLaval PureFlow™, the new, transparent teat preparation cup, is another new feature. The entire system has been redesigned to ensure highest milk quality from teat to tank.

Lastly, DeLaval InSight™, the latest in vision technology, ensures smooth, fast and accurate attachment. InSight is built around a completely re-written, proprietary algorithm that allows accelerated, more accurate teat detection. The VMS V300 is so much more than just a milking robot. It is at the centre of a whole new way of dairy farming that can help ensure optimal results at each and every step.

See it for the first time in Canada this September in the Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

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