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Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show digital event shares harvest tips

Woodstock, ON., September 9, 2021 – With harvest getting started in Ontario, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show digital event on September 15 will offer information to set up farmers for a successful harvest, including grain storage and monitoring, factors influencing yield quality, harvest safety and risk management.

“At this digital event, we have a variety of speakers on a range of topics to address key considerations for this time of year plus ways farmers can get crops off and stored for top quality,” says Doug Wagner, President of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

Keynote speakers include James Dyck, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and W. David Lubitz, University of Guelph, discussing the results of a 2021 Ontario survey that shares best practices for grain dryer owners to adopt in their own operations. Robert Gobeil, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, will share how to mitigate grain storage incidents at harvest to keep everyone safe at this busy time of year.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show digital events have been an important ongoing source of information for Ontario farmers in 2021. The upcoming digital event on September 15 runs from 8:55 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT. Additional presentations for the September 15 digital event include:

  • DLF Pickseed Corn Performance Tour: this presentation focuses on the DLF Pickseed Canada grain hybrids, DLF silage specific leafy hybrids and their new leafy full floury hybrid.
  • Grain Monitoring for Crop Profitability: a live Zoom roundtable with BIN-SENSE® shares how grain monitoring can support your crop storage by keeping grain in optimal condition.
  • A Look at This Season’s Crops in 2021: in a live Zoom roundtable hosted by Grain Farmers of Ontario, three OMAFRA specialists discuss current conditions and considerations for harvest.
  • What’s the Risk? Understanding Common Loss Prevention Areas on Your Property: Ontario Mutual Insurance Association shares tips on managing the common areas of risk on the farm.
  • How to Ensure a High-Quality Food-Grade Soybean Crop at Harvest: Sevita International staff explain how to maintain a high-quality crop prior to and during harvest.
  • Maximizing Fertilizer Efficiency with ALPINE® bio-K Technology: how new ALPINE® products support cropping practices, improve water and nutrient use efficiencies plus increase microbial and soil health.

For more information and to register for this free digital event, farmers can visit Farmers will receive a link to the free app for watching sessions on their smart phones and devices. All speaker presentations will be available in the platform until December 31, 2021.

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