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Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre

There are a lot of factors that go into building and running a successful dairy barn. From the big things, like the building itself, and the milking systems, to the type of silage that will be fed once the cows move in. Each component is an important piece of the puzzle that will lead to comfortable, healthy animals and high production.

Each September, the Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show becomes home to over a dozen companies that partner to run a fully operational 70 cow milking facility. Each partner provides valuable equipment or services needed to run a successful dairy barn. Here’s what you can expect to see this year.

Building Britespan Building Systems Inc.
Official Building Supplier
Lower Machinery Mall, S-515
Building features: fresh air, increased airflow and naturally bright interiors that improve herd health and daily production, and reduce the risk of disease. Clear span interiors make it easy to include stalls, robotic milking systems, feed alleys and more.

DeLaval Official Robotics Company
Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre, DIC-2
Introducing the DeLaval VMS™ V300 — a robotic milking system that is all about making dairy farming more personal, more accurate and more profitable. Plus, check out DeLaval InControl™, DeLaval PureFlow™ and DeLaval InSight™ for more management options.

Lely North America
Official Robotics Company
Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre (DIC-1) &
Middle Machinery Mall (SM-935)
Introducing the Lely Astronaut A5. Automatic milking principles and our focus on reliability and ease of use has resulted in this cow and farmer-friendly milking system. Also see how the new Vector automatic feeding system and Lely Juno can have a positive influence on your herd

Shur-Gain/Trouw Nutrition

Official Diet Formulation Supplier
EastGen Dairy Producer Pavilion (EG-5)
Learn more about Shur-Gain’s robotic milking feed program, state-of-the-art ration formulation, Newton® and proven robot pellet.

Brevant™ seeds
Official Silage Company
North Mall (N-B)
Get 10 pounds more milk per day from each one of your cows with Brevant™ seeds Unified™ corn silage with SilaSoft™ technology – the first silage corn lineup to offer high fibre digestibility and greater starch digestibility in one hybrid.

Farm Credit Canada

Official Financial Institution
FCC Industry Pavilion (FCC-31) on Middle Machinery Mall
As Canada’s leading agriculture lender, FCC is proud to support dairy farmers. With a healthy loan portfolio of more than $33 billion and dedicated employees, FCC meets the demands of the future of Canadian agriculture and its role in feeding an evergrowing world. We provide flexible, competitively priced financing, management software, information and knowledge specifically designed for the agriculture and agri-food industry.

Ontario Dairy Farmer
Official Media Company FCC Industry Pavilion (FCC-12)
Ontario Dairy Farmer magazine is Ontario’s premier magazine for the province’s dairy industry. In each issue, readers can look forward to a publication that carries information about animal health, nutrition, breeding, research, consumer trends, the political scene and industry news.

Norwell Dairy Systems

Official Stall Supplier, DeLaval Side Upper Machinery Mall and 9th Lane (NM-950)
These stalls are built with the philosophy that the more a cow lays down, the more she will produce. They are fully adjustable, moves with the cows and prevent injuries. Stall systems are designed to suit any management style and to easily fit into existing facilities or new barn designs with a variety of mounting options.

COWCOON by Promat
Official Stall Supplier, Lely Side 8th Lane North (N-857)
Introducing COWCOON — the hybrid cow stall that reduces stress on the cow while ensuring proper positioning, promotes cleaner stalls and decreases spinal lesions and contains a flexible polyethylene tube across the bottom portion of loop that acts as shock absorber.

Big Ass Fans Canada

Official Fan Company
Western General Ag Biz Pavilion (AB-37)
These 5- to 24-ft diameter fans circulate a massive amount of air to make animals (and workers) feel 10 F cooler during the hot summer months. Along with boosting production and improving comfort, Big Ass Fans are an economical, energy-efficient solution for farming issues like moisture control, air quality, birds, bugs and more.

Faromor Ltd.

Official Curtain Ventilation Company 9th Lane N.M. (NM-948)
Faromor Ltd has become well known for natural ventilation solutions worldwide, striving to improve the environments for both the livestock and the farmers, through continued product development and improvement.

Kubota Canada Ltd.

Official Tractor Company 1st Lane and South Mall (S-A & S-B)
The Kubota M6S utility tractor features a 32-speed swing shift transmission, RPM dual memory and 95 HP PTO with optional 540/1,000 r.p.m. Packed with quality horsepower and deluxe tractor features, the M6S-111 adds productivity and efficiency to any operation on a budget.

Supreme International Official TMR Mixer Company North Mall (N-L)
World class TMR Mixer, which provides a quality and consistent TMR mix every time. It is designed to feed cows fast and accurately, saving both time and money. With sizes ranging from 235 to 1,877 cubic feet, available in pull type, truck mount and all new self-loader models, Supreme continues to lead the way in quality, innovation and design.


Official Cow Comfort Company 8th Lane North (N-857)
Promat is dedicated to providing mattress and flooring solutions that offer the utmost in comfort while improving overall animal health. Our holistic approach combines correct stall dimensions with superior stall mattresses and bedding to ensure an optimal cow comfort experience.

FX Coating

Official Coating Company
9th Lane North Middle (NM-942)
A leader in agricultural coatings, providing coating solutions that are durable, safe, resistant and multifaceted, using the best rubberized and apoxy coating products.

Stubbe’s Precast Official

Concrete Supplier Middle Machinery Mall
Stubbe’s Precast Dairy Slats provide a clean and dry flooring system which gives the benefits of a scraped floor.

Walker Dairy Inc.

Official Cow Supplier
Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre
For over 50 years and three generations, Walker Dairy Sales Inc. have bought and sold good quality Holstein heifers across Canada, and exported internationally For more information, call us at around the world.

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