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On August 18, hear experts talk about the dairy and beef sectors and what’s impacting production today, plus a look at strategies to help producers in these sectors maximize profits.

Canada's Digital Farm Show

Canada’s Digital Farm Show delivered interactive content from the field, giving participants a unique vantage point to see equipment and agricultural technology in a way they have not been able to before. Watch all your favourite videos from Canada's Digital Farm Show by clicking the button below!

A compelling element of the programming will be a digitally delivered Innovations Showcase series. The Showcase, now in its third year, provides an easy way for farmers to find the newest inventions and innovations out there. Find more info here.

Farming Innovation in Action

As the country's largest outdoor agricultural trade show, Canada's Outdoor Farm Show has many unique offerings, all geared to showcasing new technologies and innovations in an outdoor setting, complementing the lifestyle farmers have chosen.

Field Demonstrations

COFS field demo aerial

Each year, different themed field demonstrations take place in a 26 acre field and showcase machinery in action.

Crop Plots

COFS crop plots

Around 6 acres of crop plots from the leading seed and crop protection companies highlight new innovations.

Livestock Demonstrations

COFS livestock demo

Livestock demonstrations focus on the newest technologies relevant to livestock production today.

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September 15-18, 2020 in Woodstock, Ontario

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