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2019 Fourth Annual Great Ontario Yield Tour

The fourth annual Great Ontario Yield Tour will take place August 12 to 21, 2019. This unique yield tour is sure to provide Ontario producers with clues as to whether 2019 genetics will surprise everyone after the late wet and cool planting season.

The Great Ontario Yield Tour team will assess growing conditions, cropping challenges and opportunities facing Ontario farmers in 2019. The “boots-on-the-ground” team will make agronomy and marketing recommendations on how to face this year’s crop season.

At the end of the Great Ontario Yield Tour, expert Moe Agostino, Risk Management, and Greg Stewart, MAIZEX Seeds Inc., will be estimating corn and soybean yields in Ontario for five regions: South, East, Central, West and North. The information gathered on the tour can be used by farmers to make crop marketing decisions earlier in the growing season so they can get the maximum value from their 2019 farming season.

This year’s season started off late in Ontario, but planting is only one factor (25%) that has a significant impact on final yields. Yield potential goes down with delayed planting because of several factors, including a shorter growing season, greater insect and disease pressure, and higher risk of hot, dry conditions during pollination. Despite the past few years having a late planting start, Ontario achieved strong and record yields thanks to a great finish. Test weight this fall could be a problem and a key to final yields.

Weather wise, this year’s El Nino provided a one-two punch and produced a spring planting season that most people in ag want to forget. How will the 2019 summer weather impact yields? Will this summer outperform last year’s record yields in both corn and soybeans?

The tour takes place the last two weeks in August, with the final event being held on Thursday, August 29 in Woodstock at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The event is by invitation only and is a farmer favorite that includes demo clinics, a special guest speaker, lunch, tour results and networking opportunities. If you would like to attend, contact a representative from one of the companies listed below as seating is limited.

The Great Ontario Yield Tour team wants farmers to see what they see. Photos along with farmer and industry expert video interviews are posted on Twitter @Farmsmarketing using the hashtag #ONyield19 throughout the tour. In addition to the corn and soybean yield estimates being released at the final yield tour event on August 29 in Woodstock, estimates will also be reviewed during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. each day at the Maizex Dome. Join the Great Ontario Yield Tour at the show and learn from all the hosts and sponsoring experts on the tour.

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