Exhibitor Locations 2015

The 2016 List is Coming Soon!

104.7 Heart FM | Masonville Lane
4-H Ontario | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
A & A E-Z Brush & Oiler | 8th Lane N.M.E.
A & I Products Canada Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
A & L Canada Laboratories East Inc. | 1st Lane N.M.E.
Abate & Associates | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
ABS Global (Canada) Inc. | Dairy Pavilion
ABS Remorques | 7th Lane S.M.E.
ACR Ailsa Craig Repair | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Action Trailers | 5th Lane S.M.W.
ADM | Ag Biz Pavilion
ADS Canada | Ag Biz Pavilion
Advanced Dairy Systems | Upper Machinery Mall
Advanced Equipment Sales | 6th Lane S.M.W.
Advantage Farm Equipment | 10th Lane S.W.
AerWay SAF Holland Equipment Ltd. | Upper Machinery Mall
AFS Aerial Photography Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Ag Business & Crop Inc. | 2nd Lane N.M.E.
Ag Buyer’s Guide/Farms.com | Ag Biz Pavilion
Ag Growth International (AGI) | South Mall
Ag Leader Technology | 2nd Lane N.E.
Ag More Than Ever | FCC Industry Pavilion
AGCO (Ontario Dealers) | Lower Machinery Mall
AgDealer | FCC Industry Pavilion
Agri-food Management Institute | FCC Industry Pavilion
Agri-King Inc. | 9th Lane N.M.W.
Agri-Plastics Mfg. | 8th Lane N.M.W.
Agri-Trac Inc. | 9th Lane N.M.E.
Agribrands Purina Canada Inc. | 9th Lane S.M.W.
AgriBrink | Lower Machinery Mall
Agribuff | 9th Lane N.W.
Agricard | 7th Lane N.M.W.
Agricorp | 5th Lane N.M.E.
Agriculture Solutions Inc. | 2nd Lane N.E.
Agrilight | 9th Lane S.M.W.
Agristaffing.com Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Agro-100 Ltee | 2nd Lane N.E.
AgroSpray Limited | 1st Lane N.M.E.
AgTech GIS | 1st Lane N.E.
AgXplore International | Farm Services Pavilion
AIM Environmental Group | 4th Lane N.W.
Alliance Tire Group | 4th Lane S.W.
Allied Associates LLP, Chartered Accountants | Ag Biz Pavilion
Alltech Canada | Canadian Energy Expo Outside
Alo North America | Middle Machinery Mall
Alpaca Ontario Inc. | 8th Lane N.E.
Alpha Agri-Products Inc. | 6th Lane N.W.
ALPINE the starter fertilizer company | Upper Machinery Mall
Alta Genetics | 9th Lane N.M.W.
AM920 cknx | Farm Services Pavilion
AMI Attachments | Lower Machinery Mall
Amvic Inc. | Farm Services Pavilion
Andchris Farms/Canadian Speckle Park Association | Livestock Pavilion
Animal Bedding Company | Dairy Pavilion
Antonio Carraro Canada | 6th Lane S.M.E.
Argis 2000 Ltd. | 5th Lane N.E.
Armtec | 5th Lane N.M.E.
Arntjen North America Inc. | 8th Lane N.M.E.
Art’s-Way Manufacturing International | Lower Machinery Mall
ATP Pest Management | Ag Biz Pavilion
Aulari Industries Inc. | 2nd Lane S.M.E.
Avonbank Ag Solutions | 6th Lane N.E.
AWS Air-Reels/Temp Farm Equipment Ltd. | South Mall
Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance | 10th Crescent
Ayrshire Ontario | EastGen Pavilion

B E Braber Equipment | Middle Machinery Mall
B-W Feed & Seed Ltd. | Dairy Pavilion
B.D.M. Millwrights | 4th Lane N.M.W.
B. Kropf Forestry Services | 5th Lane S.E.
Bach-Run Farm Equipment | South Mall
Bad Dog Tools | 5th Lane S.W.
Ballagh Liquid Technologies Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Bank of Nova Scotia | FCC Industry Pavilion
BASF Canada | 1st Lane N.M.E.
Battlefield | 4th Lane S.M.E.
Baumalight (M.T.B. Mfg. Inc.) | 3rd Lane S.M.E.
Bauman Manufacturing Limited | South Mall
Bauman Sawmill Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Bax Audio Video | Dairy Pavilion
Bay-Lynx Manufacturing | 7th Lane S.M.E.
Beef Farmers of Ontario | Livestock Pavilion
Belore Trailer Sales | 7th Lane S.M.W.
Better Farming | Upper Machinery Mall (OFA)
Big Ass Solutions | Ag Biz Pavilion
Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. | 8th Lane N.M.W.
BK Machinery | 4th Lane S.E.
BKT Tires Canada Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
Blacks Creek Innovations | South Mall
Blue Metal Industries | Ag Biz Pavilion
Bluewave Energy | 4th Lane S.M.E.
BMO Bank of Montreal | FCC Industry Pavilion
Bobcat | 3rd Lane N.M.E.
BouMatic, LLC | Upper Machinery Mall
BPT Components | Lower Machinery Mall
Brandt Agricultural Products | 3rd Lane S.E.
Branson Tractors | 10th Lane S.M.E.
Briggs & Stratton Canada | 4th Lane S.M.E.
Britespan Building Systems | Lower Machinery Mall
Broad Grain Commodities Inc. | 1st Lane S.M.E.
Brochard North America | 11th Lane S.M.W.
Brodie Ag & Industrial | North Mall
Bruce Agra Dehy Inc. | FCC Industry Pavilion
Brussels Agri Services Ltd. | 8th Lane N.W.
BSC Animal Nutrition Inc. | 9th Lane S.M.W.
Buhler Industries | 8th Lane S.E.
Bulk Tech | 6th Lane N.W.
Bulls Eye Genetic Services | 9th Lane S.M.W.
Bunge | 1st Lane N.M.E.

C & M Seeds | Upper Machinery Mall
C.G. Equipment | 4th Lane S.W.
Cadman Power Equipment (Courtland) | Upper Machinery Mall
Calhoun Super Structures Ltd. | North Mall
Campout RV Ltd. | 7th Lane N.W.
Can Am Precast Products | 6th Lane N.E.
Can Grow Crop Solutions Inc. | 2nd Lane N.M.E.
Can Industrial | Ag Biz Pavilion
Canada Moisture Analyzers Inc. | Farm Services Pavilion
Canadian Association of Farm Advisors (CAFA) Inc. | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
Canadian Cattle Identification Agency | Livestock Pavilion
Canadian Co-op Wool Growers Ltd. | Livestock Pavilion
Canadian Farm Realty | Ag Biz Pavilion
Canadian Federation of Independent Business | FCC Industry Pavilion
Canadian Food Grains Bank | 2nd Lane N.M.W.
Canadian Grain Commission | FCC Industry Pavilion
Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. | 7th Lane S.M.E.
Canadian Lamb Producers Cooperative | 8th Lane N.E.
CanWest DHI | EastGen Pavilion
Capello Corn Head | Lower Machinery Mall
Capstan Ag Systems Inc. | 4th Lane S.M.E.
Cargill | FCC Industry Pavilion
Caris Welding Ltd. | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Ag Biz Pavilion
Carrier Centers | North Mall
Case IH North America | Lower Machinery Mall
Census of Agriculture | FCC Industry Pavilion
Central Boiler-Pumps Plus | 10th Crescent
Central Boiler-Country Heat Inc. | 4th Lane N.E.
Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario | Ag Biz Pavilion
CIBC | FCC Industry Pavilion
Clark Ag Systems/Farmer Automatic | 9th Lane N.M.W.
CLAAS | Lower Machinery Mall
Cleanfix North America | 10th Lane S.M.E.
Clews Palliser Cattle Oiler | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Cliff’s Overhead Doors/Garage | Canadian Energy Expo Outside
Clifford Precision & Seed | 6th Lane S.M.E.
Collins Barrow Chartered Accountants | FCC Industry Pavilion
Colvoy Equipment | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Connect Equipment Corp. | 1st Lane S.E.
Cooksville Tire | South Mall
Coping Centre/Coping Bereavement Support Groups of Ontario Inc. | North Mall
Cordna Twine & Cordage Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Core Fuels/Red Cap Propane | 6th Lane S.M.E.
Corporate Benefit Analysis | Upper Machinery Mall (OFA)
Cos Phi Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Cottrill Heavy Equipment | North Mall
Country 104 | Canadian Energy Expo Outside
Country Corners Rent-All Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Country Farm Seeds Ltd. | Upper Machinery Mall
Country Guide/Canadian Cattlemen | 2nd Lane N.M.W.
Country Road Distributing | 8th Lane S.M.W.
County Line Equipment Ltd. | 6th Lane N.W.
Cravin’ Kettle Corn | 3rd Lane N.M.E.
Crescent Oil/Fuels | 3rd Lane N.W.
Cropquest Inc. | 1st Lane N.E.
CRV Canada | Dairy Pavilion
Cub Cadet | Lower Machinery Mall
Culligan | FCC Industry Pavilion
Custom Concepts Mfg. Inc. | 3rd Lane N.W.

D & J Paton Bros Ltd. | Dairy Pavilion
Dairy Express | Middle Machinery Mall
Dairy Farmers of Ontario | EastGen Pavilion
Dairy Lane Systems/ Jourdain Stabling/DLS Biogas | 9th Lane N.E.
DairyLogix Consulting | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
DairyMaster USA Inc. | 9th Lane N.W.
Danco Electric Inc. | 6th Lane S.W.
Davies Legacy Planning Group Inc. | FCC Industry Pavilion
Davon Sales Inc. | North Mall
Dawn Equipment Company | 11th Lane S.M.E.
De Dell Seeds | 5th Lane N.M.E.
De-on Supply Inc. | FCC Industry Pavilion
DeeTag Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
DEKALB Brand Seeds/Monsanto Canada | Middle Machinery Mall
DeLaval Inc. | Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre
Delaware Pump & Parts Limited | 4th Lane N.E.
Delta Power Equipment | 2nd Lane S.E.
Deutz-Fahr Canada | 7th Lane N.M.W.
Devolder Farms, Inc. | 1st Lane N.E.
DeWetering Agri | 8th Lane N.M.E.
DFK Equipment Sales Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
Dickey-John/Champion Industrial Equipment | Ag Biz Pavilion
Discount Hydraulic Hose | Ag Biz Pavilion
Distribution ADLS | 5th Lane S.E.
DLG Service GmbH | Ag Biz Pavilion
Dodsley Propane | 3rd Lane N.W.
Donkers Agri Ltd. | 9th Lane N.M.W.
Dow AgroSciences | North Mall
Dow Seeds | North Mall
Dowler-Karn Ltd. | North Mall
DTN The Progressive Farmer | Ag Biz Pavilion
DuPont Pioneer | Upper Machinery Mall

E.S. Martin Welding | 8th Lane N.E.
East-Can Equipment Sales | Middle Machinery Mall
Eastern Canadian Galloway Association | Livestock Pavilion
Eastern Farm Machinery Ltd. | Middle Machinery Mall
EastGen | EastGen Pavilion
EasyFix Rubber Products North America | 8th Lane N.M.E.
Echo Power Equipment (Canada) | 2nd Lane N.E. & 6th Lane S.W.
Edpro Energy Group Inc. | 2nd Lane S.M.W.
EJ Equipment | 8th Lane N.M.E.
EkotuningCom Canada | 9th Lane S.E.
Elite Seeds/Agromart Co. The Agronomy Company of Canada Ltd. | North Mall
EMB MFG. Inc. | 3rd Lane S.M.E.
Embro Farm Systems/Patz Corp | Upper Machinery Mall
EMC Agri Ltd. | Lower Machinery Mall
Endo Networks | Dairy Pavilion
Energrow | Dairy Pavilion
Enertech Global- Geocomfort | Ag Biz Pavilion
Engineered Lifting Systems | Ag Biz Pavilion
ESB Aluminum Products | 8th Lane N.E.
ESM Farm Equipment Ltd./ Rissler Products | 4th Lane N.W.
Evergreen Liquid Plant Food Ltd. | 1st Lane S.M.E.
Evergreen Seed Co. | 1st Lane N.E.
Excel Industries Canada | Lower Machinery Mall
Execulink Telecom | FCC Industry Pavilion

Famme & Co. Professional Corporation | Ag Biz Pavilion
Farm & Food Care | Livestock Pavilion
Farm Business Communications | Ag Biz Pavilion
Farm Business Consultants | FCC Industry Pavilion
Farm Credit Canada | FCC Industry Pavilion
Farm Guard Products Inc. | Livestock Pavilion
Farm for Profit/Greencrop Agri Products | 8th Lane N.M.W.
Farm Lead Resources Ltd. | FCC Industry Pavilion
Farm-Fleet Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Farmers of North America Inc. | North Mall
Farms.com | 5th Lane N.W.
Faromor Ltd. | 9th Lane N.M.E.
Faromor Energy Solutions | Canadian Energy Expo Outside
FDS Equipments | 8th Lane S.
Fletcher’s Horse World | 9th Lane S.M.W.
Floradale Feed Mill Ltd. | 8th Lane N.M.E.
Frank Battaglia Enterprises Ltd. | 10th Lane S.M.W.
Fritzall | Canadian Energy Expo Pavilion
Frontlink Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
FS Co-operatives | 4th Lane N.M.E.
FX Coating | 9th Lane N.M.E.

G Horst Enterprises | 3rd Lane N.E.
GB Equipment | 6th Lane S.E.
G.C. Duke Equipment | 6th Lane S.M.E.
GJ’s Farm Equipment Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Gallagher Power Fencing Systems | North Mall
Garage Wendel Mathis | 3rd Lane S.E.
Gay Lea Foods Co-operative | EastGen Pavilion
GEA Farm Technologies Canada Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
General Seed Company | Middle Machinery Mall
Genex Cooperative | 9th Lane N.M.E.
Gerber Wagon Sales | 2nd Lane S.M.W.
Gerry’s Truck Centre | 8th Lane S.
GHC Safety and Security Systems | 9th Lane S.M.E.
Glass-Pac Canada/K.G. Johnson Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Glassford Chrysler | 3rd Lane N.W.
Goertz Farm Systems Ltd. | 4th Lane N.W.
GPS Ontario | 4th Lane N.E.
Grain Farmers of Ontario | 1st Lane N.E.
Grand Valley Fortifiers Limited | Middle Machinery Mall
Grandview Concrete Grooving Inc. | 9th Lane N.M.W.
Great Lakes New Holland Inc. | 7th Lane N.M.W.
Great Plains Mfg. Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Grecav Canada | South Mall
Green Canpump | Farm Services Pavilion
Green Lea Ag Center Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Green Valley Heating/Heatmor | 2nd Lane S.M.E.
Greenoak Equipment | 8th Lane N.E.
Grégoire-Besson Canada Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Grober Nutrition | Grober Young Animal Development Centre
Growers Mineral Canada | Farm Services Pavilion
Guy Duchesne’s Cookhouse Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall

H. Broer Equipment Sales & Service Inc. | 4th Lane S.W.
Hammond Air Conditioning | 3rd Lane N.M.E
Hammond Realty | Ag Biz Pavilion
Heartnut Grove Inc. | 10th Lane S.M.E.
Harco Ag Equipment Limited | Upper Machinery Mall
Hardi North America Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
Harkness Equipment/ McQuipment | Lower Machinery Mall
Helm Welding (1983) Ltd. | 6th Lane N.E.
Hensall District Co-operative, Inc. | 3rd Lane N.E.
HFH Inc. | 9th Lane N.M.W.
HFL Fabricating | 5th Lane N.E.
Highland Fence & Supply Inc. | 9th Lane N.E.
HJV Equipment Ltd. | Lower Machinery Mall
Holstein Canada/Holstein Ontario | EastGen Pavilion
HomesPlus Roofing Solutions | 11th Lane S.M.E.
Honda Canada | Lower Machinery Mall & North Mall
Hoof Master | 9th Lane S.M.W.
Horizon Seeds Canada | North Mall
Horst Welding | Middle Machinery Mall
Hotsy Cleaning Systems | 6th Lane S.M.W.
Huber Ag | 8th Lane N.E.
Huron Tractor Ltd./Crary | 2nd Lane N.M.W.
Huronia Welding & Industrial Supplies & MED-E-OX/Mobility
in Motion | 10th Lane S.M.W.
Husky Farm Equipment | Upper Machinery Mall
Husqvarna | South Mall
Hydro One Network Inc. | Canadian Energy Expo Pavilion
Hypertherm Inc. | 10th Lane S.W.

Ideal Pipe | 4th Lane N.W.
Imperial Oil (Pipeline Safety) | FCC Industry Pavilion
Ingredion Canada | Farm Services Pavilion
Innotag Distributions | 4th Lane N.M.E.
Intelligent Agricultural Solution | FCC Industry Pavilion
Interlock Industries (Ont.) Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
International Power Systems (IPS) | 5th Lane S.E.
Investors Group | Ag Biz Pavilion

J & M Manufacturing | 3rd Lane S.W.
J. Dean Williamson Ltd. | Livestock Pavilion
J.M. Lahman Mfg. Inc. | 10th Lane S.M.W.
Jake’s Welding | Livestock Pavilion
Jamesway Farm Equipment | Upper Machinery Mall
Jaylor Fabricating Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
JCB Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Jeni Mobile Wash Ltd. | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Jersey Ontario | EastGen Pavilion
Joe’s Lunch | 3rd Lane S.M.E.
John & Eadie Steele Shepherd’s Choice | 8th Lane N.W.
John Deere Dealers of Ontario c/o Huron Tractor Ltd. | Lower Machinery Mall
Johnny’s Selected Seeds | Farm Services Pavilion
Josslin Insurance | Ag Biz Pavilion

K-W Fuel Injection Ltd. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Kal Tire | 6th Lane N.E.
Kam’s Growers Supply Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Karcher Professional Wash Systems | 7th Lane S.M.W.
Kearney Planters | North Mall
Kelln Solar | North Mall
Kelso Industrial Group | 10th Crescent W.
Kenpal Farm Products Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Kenworth Truck Centres | 7th Lane S.M.W.
Kienapple Barn Painting | Ag Biz Pavilion
Kioti Tractor | Lower Machinery Mall
Klippenstein Service Inc. | 5th Lane S.W.
Knills Trailer Sales & Service | 8th Lane N.W.
Kongskilde Industries Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Koolmees Equipment Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Krown Rust Control Systems | 4th Lane N.W.
Krynenhill Holsteins Ltd. | 9th Lane S.M.E.
Kubota Canada Ltd. | South Mall
Kuhn North America, Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Kuvasz Club of Canada | Livestock Pavilion
Kverneland Group Canada Inc. | South Mall

L & R Shelters | 6th Lane N.W.
La Coop fédérée/DISPRO | Lower Machinery Mall
Laforge Systems Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Lambton Conveyor Limited | 6th Lane N.W.
Lamers Silos Ltd. | 5th Lane N.E.
Landini Canada Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Landoll Corporation | Middle Machinery Mall
Langille Welding | 3rd Lane S.M.E.
Le Bulletin/FBC | Ag Biz Pavilion
Leading Edge Equipment Ltd. | North Mall & 2nd Lane N.W.
LegalShield | Ag Biz Pavilion
Lely Centre Woodstock | Middle Machinery Mall & Britespan Dairy Innovation Centre
Leslie Hawken & Son | 4th Lane N.M.W.
Lester’s Bovine Products | Dairy Pavilion
Lewis Cattle Oiler Company Ontario Ltd. | 5th Lane S.M.E.
Lions Clubs of Zone 37S | Upper Machinery Mall
Load Lifter Manufacturing Ltd. | 7th Lane N.M.W.
London Agricultural Commodities, Inc. | 4th Lane N.M.W.
London Eco-Roof Manufacturing Inc. | 7th Lane N.E.
LS Tractors | 6th Lane S.M.W.
Luckhart Transport Limited | 8th Lane S.M.W.

Mabre Canada Inc. | 8th Lane S.W.
MacDon Industries Ltd. | Lower Machinery Mall
Machineries Agricole St. Cesaire Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Machineries Pronovost | 3rd Lane S.E.
Mahindra USA | 5th Lane S.M.E.
Maizex Seeds Inc. | 1st Lane N.W.
Makita Canada | 6th Lane S.W.
Manac Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Manitou Americas Inc. | 3rd Lane N.M.W.
Manulift EMI Ltd. | Lower Machinery Mall
Mapleton’s Organic Dairy Inc. | North Mall
Mar-LLO Fabricating | Lower Machinery Mall
Marcrest Manufacturing | 5th Lane S.M.W.
Market Farm Equipment Ltd. | 3rd Lane S.M.W.
Marketbook | Ag Biz Pavilion
Masterfeeds Inc. | 9th Lane S.M.E.
Matta Products | Ag Biz Pavilion
Maximum Equipment Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
May-Bridge Harrow | 3rd Lane N.E.
McCormick | Lower Machinery Mall
McGarr Realty Corp | Ag Biz Pavilion
McRoberts Fuels Limited | 2nd Lane S.E.
MED-E-OX/Mobility in Motion | 10th Lane S.M.W.
MegaDome | 7th Lane N.W.
Mennonite Savings & Credit Union | Ag Biz Pavilion
Mercedes-Benz London | 10th Crescent
Meridian Manufacturing | 5th Lane N.M.W.
Merrit Capital Corp. | FCC Industry Pavilion
Metal Pless | 7th Lane S.M.W.
Michael’s Stabling Developments Inc. | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Miller Thomson LLP | Ag Biz Pavilion
Millroad Manufacturing and Sales Inc. | 4th Lane S.E.
Miska Trailers | 4th Lane S.M.W.
MNP LLP | Ag Biz Pavilion
Mohawk Equipment Limited | Middle Machinery Mall
Monarch Oil Ltd. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Monsanto Canada Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Montag Manufacturing Inc. | 3rd Lane S.M.W.
Morrow’s of Drumbo | 3rd Lane S.M.E.
MRC Wireless | Ag Biz Pavilion
MS Gregson, Division of RAD Technologies Inc. | North Mall
MTI Canada | 2nd Lane S.M.E.
MultiOne Equipment (Canada) | 9th Lane S.
Multi Shelter Solutions | 8th Lane N.W.

N.E. Hagedorn & Sons | Upper Machinery Mall
National Bank of Canada | 9th Lane N.E.
National Building Group | Ag Biz Pavilion
National Farmers Union | Farm Services Pavilion
National Leasing- Agriculture Financing | Ag Biz Pavilion &
Upper Machinery Mall (OFA)
Nebraska Engineering Company | 2nd Lane S.W.
Nevtro Sales (2004) Ltd. | Middle Machinery Mall
New Holland Dealers of Ontario | Middle Machinery Mall
New-Life Mills | Dairy Pavilion
Newtech Ag. Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Nextire Inc. | 4th Lane N.W.
Nioex Systems Inc. | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Normand Co. Ltd. | Middle Machinery Mall
North Waterloo Farmers Mutual | FCC Industry Pavilion
Northbridge Insurance | Ag Biz Pavilion
Norwell Dairy Systems | Upper Machinery Mall
Norwich Packers | Ducks Unlimited Pond & North Mall
Norwood Industries Inc. | 6th Lane S.W.
Nuhn Forage Inc. | 5th Lane N.W.
Nuhn Industries Limited | Lower Machinery Mall
Nutritional Feed Additives Inc. | EastGen Pavilion

Octaform Systems Inc. | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
Odessa Canada | Ag Biz Pavilion
OFSC District 5 | 6th Lane N.M.W.
OJB-Industries | Upper Machinery Mall
OK Tire Stores | Upper Machinery Mall
Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc. (OAFE) | Canadian Energy Expo Pavilion
Ontario Agricultural College | 4th Lane N.M.W.
Ontario Angus Association | Livestock Pavilion
Ontario Goat | EastGen Pavilion
Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative | EastGen Pavilion
Ontario Farmer | FCC Industry Pavilion
Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) | Upper Machinery Mall
Ontario Flag & Pole | 6th Lane S.M.E.
Ontario Forage Council | Ag Biz Pavilion
Ontario Harvestore Systems | Middle Machinery Mall
Ontario Institute of Agrologists | Ag Biz Pavilion
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs | 8th Lane N.M.W.
Ontario Mutuals c/o Ontario Mutual Insurance Association | FCC Industry Pavilion
Ontario Plasma Design | 9th Lane N.W.
Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency | Livestock Pavilion
Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association | 6th Lane S.E.
Ontario Sustainable Energy Association | Canadian Energy Expo Pavlion
Otterville Custom Golf Carts | Canadian Energy Expo Pavilion
Outback Guidance by AgJunction | 7th Lane S.M.W.
Oxbo International Corporation | Lower Machinery Mall
Oxford County Injury Prevention Team | 2nd Lane N.M.W.
Oxford Insta-Shade Inc. | 3rd Lane N.M.E.
Oxford Mutual Insurance | Ag Biz Pavilion

P.J. Trailers | 9th Lane S.M.W.
Pathfinder Lubricants | FCC Industry Pavilion
Patz Corp/Embro Farm Systems | Upper Machinery Mall
Penergetic Canada | Ag Biz Pavilion
Penta Tillage | Upper Machinery Mall
Petro Canada c/o Lippert & Wright Fuels Ltd. | FCC Industry Pavilion
PICHON Industries c/o Al Noorloos, Triple A Feedlot Inc. | 4th Lane N.E. Picken’s Farm Equipment | 5th Lane S.E.
Pickseed Canada Inc. | FCC Industry Pavilion
Pioneer Steel Manufacturers Limited | 9th Lane N.E.
PLS Insoles | 10th Lane S.M.W.
Poettinger Canada Inc. | 2nd Lane S.E.
Polar Furnace (DL Distributing) | 5th Lane S.E.
Pols Enterprises | Livestock Pavilion
Portage and Main Boilers | 10th Crescent S.W.
Power Up | FCC Industry Pavilion
Powerlift Doors of Ontario | 3rd Lane N.E.
Practical Precision | 2nd Lane N.M.W.
Praxair Canada | 10th Lane S.W.
Premier Equipment Ltd. | 3rd Lane S.W.
Pressure Washer Shop Ltd. | 6th Lane N.E.
PRIDE Seeds | North Mall
Primemax Energy Inc. | 6th Lane N.E.
Princess Auto | Ag Biz Pavilion
Pro Fleet Care | 4th Lane S.M.W.
Pro-Power Canada Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Progressive Dairy Operators | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
Progressive Dairyman | EastGen Pavilion
Promat Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
Protekta Inc. | 8th Lane N.M.E.

Quality Craft Tools | 10th Crescent
Quality Seeds Ltd. | 9th Lane S.M.E.

R.E. Egger Truck & Machine | 7th Lane S.M.W.
R.J. Equipment | 4th Lane N.W.
RAD Équipements Inc. | 6th Lane N.E.
RAM | 2nd Lane N.E.
Randy Laur Burner | Service South Mall
Raven Industries | 3rd Lane S.W.
RBC Royal Bank | Ag Biz Pavilion
RE/Max A-B Realty Ltd. | FCC Industry Pavilion
RE/Max Centre City Realty | FCC Industry Pavilion
Real Estate Centre | Ag Biz Pavilion
RealAgriculture.com | North Mall
Reist Industries Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Renway Energy | 8th Lane N.E.
Revolver Screening Systems | South Mall
Richards-Wilcox Canada | 2nd Lane N.M.E.
Richardson International Ltd. | 4th Lane N.W.
Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. | 2nd Lane N.W.
Road Boss Grader | South Mall
Robert H. Laning & Sons Ltd. | South Mall
Rostech Electronics | Ag Biz Pavilion
Royal LePage RCR Realty | FCC Industry Pavilion
RWF Bron | 7th Lane N.E.

Safe Rock Minerals North America R.G. Phillips Group of Companies Inc. | Farm Services Pavilion
Salford Group Inc. | Middle Machinery Mall
Schaffer Loaders Ltd. | 4th Lane S.M.E.
Schippers Canada Ltd. | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
Scholten’s Machinery Inc . | 1st Lane S.E.
Schweiss Doors/Prestige | 7th Lane N.E.
SeCan | Ag Biz Pavilion
Select Holidays | Ag Biz Pavilion
Select Sires GenerVations Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
Select Trailer Sales East Ltd. | North Mall
Sensors & Software Inc. | Farm Services Pavilion
Serval Foods Canada | Dairy Pavilion
Sevita International | North Mall
SGS Agri-Food Laboratories | 1st Lane N.E.
Shamrock Metal Recycling | 8th Lane S.M.W.
Shaw’s Ice Cream | Ducks Unlimited Pond & South Mall
Shoup Manufacturing Company | Ag Biz Pavilion
Shur-Gain | EastGen Pavilion
Sills Argo | South Mall
Small Farm Canada | Farm Services Pavilion
Smart Earth Lubricants | Farm Services Pavilion
Smyth Welding & Machine Shop Ltd. | 5th Lane S.M.E.
Snobelen Farms | 1st Lane S.M.E.
Snowbear Plows Inc. | Lower Machinery Mall
Solar Dynamics Corporation | Canadian Energy Expo Outside
Sommers Motor Generator Sales Ltd. | 3rd Lane S.M.E.
South West Ag/Veritas | 5th Lane N.W.
Spanjer Machines | Middle Machinery Mall
Specialty Vegetable Equipment | 3rd Lane N.E.
Split-Fire Sales Inc. | South Mall
Steqcan | North Mall
Stihl Limited | South Mall
Stoller Enterprises Ltd. | Farm Services Pavilion
Stonecrest Engineering | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
Stratford Agri Analysis/ Daco Animal Nutrition | 1st Lane N.E.
Strathcona Solar | Canadian Energy Expo Pavilion
Strickland’s | 10th Crescent
Strongco Equipment-Case | 4th Lane S.E.
Strongco Equipment-Volvo Equipment | 3rd Lane N.M.W.
Stubbe’s Precast | Middle Machinery Mall
Sub and Sandwich Factory | Lower Machinery Mall
Summer Time Lemonade Inc. | Ducks Unlimited Pond &
North Mall & South Mall
Sun Life Financial | 11th Lane S.M.E.
Sun-North Systems Ltd. | Upper Machinery Mall
Sunova | Lower Machinery Mall
Superior Manufacturing | Middle Machinery Mall
Superior Mat & Comfort Inc. | 8th Lane N.M.W.
Superior Propane | FCC Industry Pavilion
Superior Steel Roofing Systems Inc. | FCC Industry Pavilion
Supply Post | FCC Industry Pavilion
Supreme International Limited | North Mall
Switch Energy Corp. | 10th Crescent
SyrVet Canada Inc. | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion

T & T Power Group | 8th Lane S.M.E.
Tama Canada | 10th Lane S.M.E.
Tasco Dome | 7th Lane N.E.
TD Canada Trust | EastGen Pavilion
The Andersons PureGrade | 5th Lane N.E.
The Co-operators | Upper Machinery Mall (OFA)
The Country Tool Shed | 6th Lane S.M.E.
The Grower | Farm Services Pavilion
The Kids and Ewe | Livestock Pavilion
The Orthotic Works | Ag Biz Pavilion
The Realty Firm | Ag Biz Pavilion
The Toro Company | 5th Lane S.W.
The Water Clinic | 4-H Ontario Dairy Pavilion
The Western Producer | Ag Biz Pavilion
The Westland Corporation | FCC Industry Pavilion
ThermoEnergy Structures Inc. | 7th Lane N.E.
Thompsons Ltd. | 1st Lane N.M.E.
Thunderstruck Sales & Marketing | 8th Lane S.W.
Tiesma Industrial Coverings | 1st Lane S.M.E.
Timbro | Ag Biz Pavilion
Tirecraft | 1st Lane S.M.E.
Titan/Goodyear Farm Tires | Ag Biz Pavilion
Top Lift Enterprises | 4th Lane S.M.W.
Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc. | Livestock Pavilion
Todd’s Dogs | Canadian Energy Expo Outside
Toro Company | 5th Lane S.W.
Total Equipment Rentals | Upper Machinery Mall
Toyota | Canadian Energy Expo Outside
Townsend Lumber | 8th Lane N.W.
Trail King | 9th Lane S.
Trans East Trailers Ltd. | 7th Lane S.M.E.
Transit Lubricants | 8th Lane S.W.
Transit Trailer Limited | Lower Machinery Mall
Tri-County Canvas | Ag Biz Pavilion
Triaro Farms Inc. & C & A Distributing | North Mall
Trillium Mutual Insurance | Dairy Pavilion
Trimble Navigation | North Mall
Trioliet B.V. | 9th Lane N.W.
Trouble Free Lighting | Dairy Pavilion
TSC Stores | Canadian Energy Expo Outside

Uddermatic | 9th Lane N.W.
Ulch Trailer Sales | 6th Lane N.W.
Unverferth Mfg. Co. Inc. | South Mall
Urban/Rombouts Ag Services Inc. | 9th Lane N.M.E.

Väderstad | North Mall
Valmetal Inc. | 5th Lane N.M.E.
Van Agri Tough Hay | Ag Biz Pavilion
Vande Goor Ag Services | North Mall
Vanden Bussche Irrigation Equipment Ltd. | Middle Machinery Mall
Vanrooy, Mills & Associates | Ag Biz Pavilion
Veal Farmers of Ontario | EastGen Pavilion
Veolia Water Canada | Ag Biz Pavilion
Vermeer | Lower Machinery Mall
Vivanue | 5th Lane N.E.
Vogelsang Manure Dribble Bar Demo (Farm & Food Care) | North Mall
Vogels Wick Weeders Ltd. | 3rd Lane N.E.
Voth Sales & Service Inc. | 5th Lane N.W.

W.R. Smale Company (1979) Limited | South Mall
Walco Equipment Ltd. | Middle Machinery Mall
Walinga Inc. | Upper Machinery Mall
Walker Environmental Group Inc./N-Viro | Ag Biz Pavilion
We Cover Structures | 7th Lane N.W.
Weber’s Farm Service Corp. | North Mall
Weberlane Mfg. (1990) Company | South Mall
Webstone Holsteins | Dairy Pavilion
Wessuc Inc. | Ag Biz Pavilion
Western General | Dairy Pavilion
Western Global | Ag Biz Pavilion
Western Union Business Solutions | Ag Biz Pavilion
Westland Corporation | FCC Industry Pavilion
Wil-Rich, LLC an AGCO-Amity JV, LLC Company | 2nd Lane N.W.
Wilcocks Brothers of Watford Ltd. | 5th Lane N.M.E.
Willsie Equipment Sales Inc. | 3rd Lane N.W.
Wiltsie Truck Bodies | 3rd Lane S.M.W.
Wood-Mizer Canada Inc. | 5th Lane S.E.
Woodmaster Outdoor Furnaces | 5th Lane S.M.E.
Woods Equipment Company | Upper Machinery Mall
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services | FCC Industry Pavilion
Worldlynx | Ag Biz Pavilion
WRC Purifying Ltd. | Ag Biz Pavilion

Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. | 7th Lane S.M.E.
Your Neighbourhood Credit Union | FCC Industry Pavilion

Zehr Insurance | Ag Biz Pavilion
Ziegler Canada Inc. | 2nd Lane S.W.
Zolarayz | 8th Lane N.E.
Zuidervaart Agri-Import | 9th Lane N.W.